The company OÜ FEROFLEX was founded in 2013 in Estonia. The company carries out a full
cycle of production of flap discs, starting with the development of structures, preparation of production, prototyping
and ending with the serial delivery of products. Currently, the products are produced under the brand FEROFLEX.

OÜ FEROFLEX- is a trading and manufacturing company in the Estonian market. The company manufactures
products in accordance with all quality standards EN13743 and is constantly expanding its range in the segment of
flap discs. Nowadays our enterprise has all necessary resources and technologies that allow us to respond quickly to
the needs of our clients and use individual approach.

Multiple quality controls allow to achieve the rates at which the defect becomes almost impossible. Equally important is
that every abrasive product that comes out of our factory conforms to the highest quality standards. How is this
achieved? Through control at every stage of production, automated and process controls.

By choosing “OÜ FEROFLEX” products you can be sure that raw materials that were used in the manufacturing meet
quality standards
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